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Registration of Residence (AIRE - Registry of Italians Residing Abroad)


Registration of Residence (AIRE - Registry of Italians Residing Abroad)

Registry of Italians Residing Abroad

Registration, variation and cancellation of the AIRE (for Italian citizens moving to India)
Before starting, check the competent Consulate on the basis of your residential address.> online verification

If your Consulate is the Consulate General of Italy in Calcutta, continue with the following instructions, otherwise consult the Consulate's website indicated by the aforementioned system.
For information regarding AIRE registration, consult:> Consular Guide - website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. and International Cooperation.

To register for AIRE via the Fast.It portal, now available also in English, Spanish and Portuguese, go to Online Consular Services, with an identity document. After registering on the portal and having activated your account, you must log in again to the portal and proceed with registration by selecting "Consular Register and AIRE" from the available services.

The procedure allows Italian citizens to apply for AIRE registration by completing the registration form online and attaching the identity document and proof of residence of all family members in electronic format.
Attention: the AIRE registration procedure currently active on the website requires the registration of at least one Italian citizen, as member of the family unit, residing in India, giving details of minor children, either resident or non-resident in India.
In the case of registration of minors whose Italian parent does not reside in India, registration through the portal will not be possible. In these cases, contact the Consular Section>

Required documents: (to be uploaded to the Fast.It portal)
1. photocopy of the Italian passport (only the pages containing personal data, issuing authority, and Indian visa) and Italian identity card (front and back of the document), if available.
2. Document proving the residence within the jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Italy in Calcutta (OCI card, AADHAAR CARD, rental contract, work contract, electricity, gas, telephone bills, etc.).
3. AIRE Registration form to be printed from the Fast.It portal, signed and then uploaded.
Attention - the required documents must be uploaded using the three available fields. Therefore, please DO NOT upload all the documents in one field, leaving the other two empty.

Please note: each adult member of the family unit must complete and sign the AIRE registration form. In case of minor children it will be necessary to indicate the personal details of both parents and their address, if different.
Attach the identification documents of all the members of the family.
The Consulate, after verifying the validity of the documents received, will register the data and will notify the competent Italian Municipality (Municipality of last residence of the person concerned or, in the case of birth and continuous residence abroad, Municipality of last residence of the parents or ancestors).
It will be the responsibility of the Italian Municipality to notify the interested parties directly of the registration in its AIRE registry.

AIRE registration of minors
For AIRE registration / variation requests pertaining to minors living with both parents, their data must be included in the completed application form and signed by the Italian parent, also enclosing a photocopy of the Italian passport of the minors (only pages containing personal data, issuing authority, Indian visa and stamp of entry in India).

Instead, in case the minor moves with only one of the parents, the application form for registration / variation must be signed by both the parents or guardians, and submitted with copy of the identity document of both the signatories.
If there is no consent of the other parent, for example due to the death of the other parent or due to interdicting jurisdictional provision of his parent or because the child has been recognized by a single parent, documentary evidence will have to be provided - if not already submitted to the Consular Office.

In case the consent of the other parent has not been obtained (in case of unavailability of the same or because of mere disinterest) the instant will have to provide the last known contact details at which he/she is potentially traceable (address, telephone or e-mail). In this case it will be within the duties of the Registry Office of the Municipality of registration, the adoption of appropriate measures and the subsequent communication at the conclusion of the procedure.
For any clarifications relating to the AIRE Registration and / or variation procedure, please contact: