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New Procedure for Pre-enrolment 2020

Academic Year 2020-2021

The Consulate General of Italy in Kolkata is pleased to inform that it is now possible to apply for a study visa
in order to complete higher education studies in Italy.

In order to obtain a study visa, students shall:

1. pre-enrol/enrol themselves;

2. receive the official note issued by the University or Institution;

3. book an appointment through the appropriate VFS Visa Application Centre;

4. file the study visa request by presenting the necessary documents.

Please note that the official note issued by the University or Institution does not confer any right to obtain a visa.


– Enrolment Procedure

Prior to filing a study visa request, students shall complete the enrolment procedures as per the following options:

a. Courses subject to pre enrolment procedure

As per the Italian norms, the procedure of
pre-enrolment is possible EXCLUSIVELY through the following website:

The Consulate General of Italy in Kolkata will not accept any request filed aside from the procedure rolled out through the above mentioned website, where each student shall apply directly.

For any further enquiries about the new pre-enrolment procedure and personalized assistance in studying in Italy,
you may also consult the Uni-Italia Office in Mumbai by email at or by phone at +91 75064 9736.

b. Courses not subjected to pre-enrolment procedure and “AFAM” (Alta Formazione Artistica e Musicale) Institutions

Students shall contact the Universities, Institutions and Academies and follow their instructions in order to enrol themselves.

– Study Visa Request

Upon receiving confirmation of pre-enrolment as per the website procedure (a), or formal note of enrolment acceptance (b), students shall apply for the appropriate student visa through VFS Centres only.

Students are invited to book an appointment online through the VFS Visa Application Centres to present their request along with the relevant supporting documents:

– Tax Code

The Tax Code (Codice Fiscale) is an alphanumerical code issued by the Italian Revenue Agency.

It is used by the public administration to identify citizens living in Italy and it is required for all sorts of procedures (i.e. opening a bank account, applying for the national health service, renting a flat, applying for a fixed telephone line, etc.).

The Tax Code is generated automatically on the UNIVERSITALY Portal during the pre-enrolment application.

In all other cases apart from pre-enrolment, Tax Codes for the 2020-2021 Academic Year may be issued by the local Italian Revenue Agency (Agenzia Delle Entrate) upon arrival to Italy.

– Declaration of Value (DoV)

As per new Italian regulation DoV will be issued by the Consulate General of Italy only if it is specifically requested by the Italian University, Institution or Academy and clearly indicated in their pre-enrolment/enrolment official notice of acceptance sent
to the student.