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From the Embassy

As of June 1, 2022 a Green Pass or equivalent certificate is no longer needed to enter Italy. All Covid-19 related entry restrictions have been lifted. Limited containment measures remain in place in Italy, until June 15, 2022:

It is mandatory to wear FFP2 type respiratory protective equipment in the following cases:

(a) for access to and use of the following means of transport:
1) aircraft used for commercial passenger transport services;
2) ships and ferries engaged in interregional transport services; and
3) trains used in interregional, Intercity, Intercity Night and High Speed passenger rail transport services;
4) Buses and coaches engaged in passenger transport services, of an undifferentiated nature, operated on a continuous or periodic basis by road on routes linking more than two regions and having fixed routes, timetables, frequencies and prices;
5) buses used for rental services with driver
6) vehicles used in local or regional public transport services;
7) means of school transport dedicated to primary, lower secondary and upper secondary school students;

(b) for shows open to the public that take place indoors in theatres, concert halls, cinemas, entertainment and live music venues and other assimilated premises, as well as for sports events and competitions that take place indoors.
In addition, it is mandatory for workers, users and visitors of health, social and health care facilities to wear respiratory protection devices.

It is recommended to wear respiratory protective equipment in all indoor public places or places open to the public.

The following are exempt from the requirement of wearing respiratory protective devices:

a) children under six years of age;

b) people with pathologies or disabilities that are incompatible with the use of the masks, as well as people who have to communicate with a disabled person in such a way that they cannot use a mask;

c) people who are doing sports.